Commercial Law

We advise our clients from the conception of business structures to their design and implementation. We draft and negotiate all those contracts related to their daily business activity.

Among others, we advise on a regular basis in relation  to:

  • Contracts with customers and suppliers.
  • Franchise, distribution, agency structures.
  • Sale and supply.
  • Contracts re mediation and mandates.
  • Joint ventures and collaborative structures / partnerships.
  • Outsourcing (RFP, negotiations, renegotiations, contract management …).
  • Transport and warehouse.
  • Technological contracting (cascade, agile, implementations, Saas models …).
  • Regulation and contracts regarding advertising, sponsorship, merchandising.
  • General terms and conditions, modalities and structures of online contracting and implications.
  • Retail and consumers.
  • Legal terms (terms and conditions, legal notices …).

Our sectoral knowledge allows us to be one more piece in the achievement of the business objectives of our clients.